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Contenders Conference
     Defending the Life and Dignity of the Unborn 

October 15th
Vibrant Church in South Burlington

Contenders Conference

Defending the Life & Dignity of the Unborn



When approaching the issue of the abortion, many of us can feel underequipped to defend the life and dignity of the unborn. It can be intimidating to contend for life, especially when we feel like we do not have the right tools to do so. We want to change that!


Join us at the Contenders Conference. Our foundation is the person and work of Jesus Christ to save sinners by His sacrifice, the grace and mercy He extends to evildoers in the Gospel of His redemption, and His just work of proclaiming liberty to the captives and the oppressed (Luke 4:18-19) - in this case, the unborn.


What Is the Contenders Conference?


In two sessions, nationally renowned speaker and pro-life apologist Marc Newman will overview pro-abortionist arguments, arming us with relevant arguments for dismantling the empty philosophies of the pro-abortion movement.


We'll also briefly hear from Deb Couture, Director of a local pregnancy resource center, Aspire Now. How do they equip parents, especially mothers, for success? How do they educate and persuade people toward life and truth? What is it like to be a pregnancy resource center in a post-Roe culture in the midst of such domestic threats as "Jane's Revenge"?


Finally, Maggie Kerrin from the Vermont Right To Life Committee and VT Chair of New Englander's Against Sexual Exploitation will quickly guide us through the latest legislative work in Vermont to further strip away the rights and life of the unborn via Article 22, as well as clear legislative intent to introduce sex changes and prostitution as Vermont constitutional rights.


How You Will Be Equipped

  • Learn how to make the scientific, moral, and biblical case for life

  • Understand the strategies of pro-abortion advocates to push for abortion nationwide and in our own state

  • Discover how the abortion ideology puts all human beings at risk

  • See what pro-life advocacy looks like in a post-Roe America and in right here in Vermont

  • Know what you can do to help create a life-affirming community

  • Learn how to support and collaborate with local works to provide real alternatives to abortion



October 15th




Vibrant Church

2025 Williston Road

South Burlington, VT 05403



Cost of Registration- $10

12 and under- Free


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