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Ages 3, 4, & 5 

Colorful Knitted Print

In our two classes, Redeemer Tots (ages 3-5)  and Redeemer Kids (grades 1-5), we love to have fun. Your child(ren) will enjoy games and activities that will engage them even as they hear deep truths rooted in the Word of God.

Similar to our bigger Kids class, Redeemer Tots have so much fun learning the truths of God. Each meeting is filled with crafts, songs, and learning. 

Redeemer Tots are using The Gospel Project Bible Sunday school curriculum for preschoolers. This curriculum is designed to walk through the entire Bible, both Old and New Testaments, and help kids understand the meta-narrative (or, big story) of the Bible. Each week, volunteers will teach a lesson rooted in Scripture from The Gospel Project, do an interactive activity that relates to the story, and can choose from employing coloring sheets, games or short movies to help illustrate the lesson.

Redeemer Tots have class every Sunday, dismissed to class after worship music. 

Vermont Children's Ministry Leader.HEIC
Katie Wilson, Children's Ministry 
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